For 2020 – New Open call for our arts residency in the heart of Cairo.

After the great success for our previous arts residence 2019 season, we are glad to announce the new residency open call for year 2020.

In our previous first year 2019, we were glad to host artists and curators from Ireland, Algeria, United States and Germany.

The open call for the coming year is NOW OPEN for New Media artists, researchers and curators.


So what do you need to apply:

  • Send us your name as passport and artistic name with your nationality and country of residence for the moment.
  • Proposal for an project or research that you want to develop during your stay (2 pages maximum)
  • Your biography including where and how do you work. (One page maximum)
  • Your artistic portfolio or maximum 10 photos or links of your works (we encourage young artists to apply too)
  • What time period you would like to do your residency in our studio (residency are from two weeks to three months)
  • We encourage artists from Middle east, gulf, Africa, Latin America as well as all international artists to apply.

Please note in case of acceptance we will ask of copy of your passport and an agreement will be made between you and our organization.

Out Of the Circle residency is with a modest fee per week and our organization is NOT offering grant for the residency, however we will be happy to write you an invitation to apply for fund if you will be selected.

Deadline to apply 30 November 2019

For applying or have any question, kindly send us on

Final Logoo

Out Of The Circle is a visual arts organization based in Cairo, Egypt. Our mission is supporting , connecting and promoting young visual and new media artists in Egypt with their peers in North Africa and abroad to let their stories be heard through their arts. In addition, we open a space for them for learning and connecting through new media art and residency.

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