The Birds of the revolution .. عصافير الثورة

Origami installation and workshop

By Artist/ Osama Helmy       Curated by/ Elham Khattab


What we want to change in ourselves?

What is the idol we want to destroy inside us?

Who is the dictator who lives inside us?


Inspired from the Arab spring revolutions, from the change that started around us and after a tour in different cities in Egypt; the birds of the revolution the origami project took place in British council, Agouza from February 3rd, 2013.

From an ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane; Artist/ Osama Helmy helped the public audience of the origami installation and workshop in February 14th, to expressed their own revolutions through folding their own cranes and art works.

Through folding the birds of the revolutions, audience discovered in an interactive way that they fold their own revolution as persons. In a tour around four different cities in Egypt, Osama discovered through this project that however people look like  in the end we still share commons things as humans in our life. By continuing his tour in British council Cairo, Osama and public audience continued the thousands birds and the legend; and learn together that real change started within ourselves first.

About Artist Osama Helmy:

Ossama Helmy “A.K.A” OzOz, studied Anthropology, he is  an Egyptian Artist who worked independently to promote the Art of Origami ” the art of Japanese paper folding”  in Egypt and the Arab World since 2003. He used Origami in more than one field, such as development, education (language, geometry, and science), art, psychiatry, behaviour modification, and those with special needs (the deaf and the visually impaired).

Helmy has created some new patterns, to be added to the Art of Origami, such as the Arabic numbers and alphabets, Ramadan’s Lantern, some bird patterns and abstract forms. In addition, he established the Arab Origami Center in 2011, with the Arab Origami Center he did different projects and performance in Egypt and abroad. He participates in many workshops and programs in Spain, Syria, Tunisia, France, Algerie, Armenia, Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan and lately in united arab of Emirates in Sharjah International Biennial for Children’s Arts in year 2012. Also he is a singer and he is doing some theater performances mixing storytelling, singing and origami,

Helmy is an Actor and trainer assistant at Egyptian project of theater of  the Oppressed