To Whom it may concern:

CULTURE is what happens to us.. but ART is what we will always make!

Cairo Out Of The Circle

Almost two years now after the beginning of our revolution and we are still on the way of change. A dream started couple of years before for better future in Egypt, for this dream we faced a lot of challenges, obstacles and more in our ways but we still believe that tomorrow is coming with better for us and our new generations in Egypt.

In this change happening all the time around us and sometimes between all these noises, we wanted to be honest with ourselves and with you whom you may concern why we are here in Cairo and why we will always be for you with our activities?

  • For Young Egyptian Artists:

In Damascus 2008  Cooperation with Shift Delete 30 project

Fresh graduated, young artists who start/establish their career and they need our support to find their own path; we work with you in curating and arts management to present your professional contemporary arts projects that present our Egyptian contemporary identity.


  • For Female Egyptian Artists:Painting by artist/ Asmaa el nawawy

In our society, woman always play an important role in our culture and in arts. But sometimes she don’t get the chance or space she need for her creative works and inspiration, that is why we offer our Out Of The Circle Studio a space for all artists specially female artists to connect, work, inspire each others and work with international artists too.


  • For visual arts education: 

Out Of The Circle summer program 070

Because tomorrow can’t come easily, only when we learn how to see and bring better knowledge for our coming generation, that is why we care to present visual arts education programs for children and youth to open them a new space for creativity to think about their culture and society through the arts.



From Egypt with LOVE

Culture is what happens to us every day ..

But Art is what we will always Make

For Egypt Better Future

Elham Khattab

Out Of The Circle Founder