Dancing Hares in the Kids Artistic Olympiad

“If you consider what conveys situation and meaning and feeling in a human figure” Flanagan explains about his works. The hare form proves ideal for expressing the joy in physical movement which Nijinsky came to characterize. I believe also this is how sport affects our life with positive energy and joy in physical movement.

Large Mirror Nijinsky 1992 – By Barry Flanagan (1941 – 2009)

Cairo.. London.. Culture.. Olympics games!
Can a dancing hare teaching us more about ourselves and about other culture around us?
How sports can be a real inspiration for Children not only in physical way but an artistic inspiration too?

This is a day workshop for Children from age 7 to 12 years, with Egyptian visual artist Shaymaa Kamel

Workshop 1

20 mins: The day will start with a tour with the children around the dancing hare in British Council Garden and a small discussion with the children about this sculpture history and listen to their opinion about it. The first time, what and how they saw it and what attract them in it. The children will feel free with the artist through the discussion to say what ever they feel or to critic the sculpture which will help them to be more open and free to talk about their point of views generally.

70 mins: After that the artist will take the children in the workshop place to start the workshop and let them work in an artistic project inspired by the dancing hare, culture and sports.

30 mins: break for the children

Workshop 2

10 mins: Children are back to workshop place, watching to video as a good inspiration for the children about program about sports, animals or culture in UK.

60 mins: Small Crafts project inspired by Olympics games and circle colors

20 mins: Children talk and criticism their artworks and them selves as young artist.. The children will talk about what this day teach them about  their talent and Olympic games.

Children will receive their give away end of the day.

Hurry up, register your child place in British Council Agouza Receiption

and lets you children discover new artistic fun inspiration for the Olympics games! 🙂